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Another Case Study... 
Here is a break down of a campaign for an agent over 3 months.

  • $900 in Ad Spend / $300 per month - one of the most low cost marketing tools this agent utilizes.
  • Reached the MAX amount of people in his targeted audience - 26,504 people
  • More so - we reached them 6.91 times - that's a total of 183,178 impressions!
  • $64,112.30 - what it would cost to send that many postcards.
  • 84% INCREASE - in traffic to this agents micro-site.
  • 16-24 - The age group most engaged with this agent online. What are you doing to reach young clients?
  • Facebook & Instagram - We don't just limit your exposure to one platform. We use what works!
What can we do for your brand?
  • FREE 30 Minute - Strategy Session to discuss how you can improve your branding on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat! 
  • We look at the lines you want to grow - and then figure out how we can target that specific audience on social media. 
  • Right now it's a land grab in local markets. The first to claim they are the area's expert - gets it! 
  • Organic Branding - we show you how to hack local content already being created - this saves you hundreds of dollars!
  • We stay aware of conversion rates and make adjustments accordingly and send those reports to you weekly.
  • We only track Key Performing Indicators - the last thing you need is some marketing firm throwing 200 words at you that don't make sense.
  • Video Walk Through - the video below is an example of a video walk through that you will receive monthly keeping you informed and breaking down the campaign in simple to understand lingo. You will know exactly how you budget is being spent and where. 
Here Is Mike Frank's First Month Review
Here Is What Mike Frank Had To Say!
  • This is the most important aspect of marketing on digital platforms next to audience selection...
  • Your creative is the tool that actually leaves the lasting impression on your audience...
  • We only use compliance approved graphics and content...
  • Our back office team handles creating headlines & copy for Social Ads to drive engagement and T.O.M.A...
  • We will provide suggestions for necessary design elements for Ads... (photos, videos, etc.)
  • Creative Design (Ads Design) - our 17 person team can have ads up and running faster than any other marketing agency!
  • From start to finish we handle the entire process for you - isn't that the point of hiring out your challenges? 
  • We set up  the Facebook ad account which will bill directly to you allowing full transparency of your ad budget... 
  • Audiences are created and targeted with the creative that speaks directly to them...
  • WEEKLY  tracking of conversion rates so that we can make adjustments accordingly...
  • DAILY monitoring of ad activity for best performance and bidding...
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Built, managed and scaled properly - social media attention is the highest impact, 
lowest cost marketing tool in the world... 
As you can see above - One of our clients has seen an ENORMOUS boost in traffic to his site 
(1,992 clicks) and has put his brand in front of his local market over a QUARTER MILLION TIMES! 
Here's what that would cost on other platforms:
  • Direct Mail: $99,060
  • TV: $78,453
  • Radio: $59,033
  •  Online Leads (purchase): $21,554
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While we are happy to create a full blueprint for you and manage the day to day process of tracking results and monitoring ad spend... 
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